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This page is your gateway to the CETA archive of historical information, much of which remains pertinent to investment choices for a central Puget Sound regional public transportation network that could be more effective and cost less at the same time.

CETA is an all-volunteer, pro-transit, non-partisan, non-profit citizens organization. Our mission is to support and advocate for accountable public transportation governance and investments that grow transit, vanpool, and carpool ridership throughout the Puget Sound region in the most cost-effective way.

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"We've never said we will reduce congestion."
- Joni Earl, Sound Transit CEO emeritus.

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Bus Rapid Transit
Bus Rapid Transit has arrived in Central Puget Sound! 
Community Transit is using modern coaches like this on SR 99.
(Picture: Community Transit, Snohomish County, Washington)

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Report to the Public:
Key Transportation Performance Measures
: How do we measure what “works” for our region?

Seattle Times op-ed, June 22, 2015, on what the performance measures show. "Is Sound Transit 3 light-rail investment worth it?" (pdf)

>> CETA technical co-chair John Niles comments in The Seattle Times October 31, 2014 in opposition to the Sound Transit plan for a third light rail tax vote in 2016, prior to proving that the ridership promised in 1996 can be achieved with the still incomplete "Sound Move" construction program.

Sound Move Promise


Older Posts

>> John Niles’ testimony to State Senate Listening Session on Transportation Funding, Bellingham, October 15, 2013, on reform of State funding of public transportation

>> John Niles’ testimony to Sound Transit Board Dec. 20, 2012 on the illegality of the Sounder Northline commuter train

>> Viral YouTube video (2 minutes) of Dec. 17, 2012 landslide derailing a freight train on the BNSF railroad tracks used by the Sounder Northline commuter train

>> John Niles' testimony to Sound Transit Board - March 22, 2012

>> CETA's Letter to Transportation Secretary LaHood on EastLink - August 22, 2011

>> John Niles' testimony to PSRC - May 26, 2011

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>> Metro cuts loom as light rail is launched - July 15, 2009

>> CETA comments on East Link DEIS - February 25, 2009

>> Bus vs. light rail: Which is your ticket to ride?, Seattle Times - October 29, 2008

>> Editorial Opposing Proposition 1, Issaquah Press - October 14, 2008

>> Huge commitment to light rail is premature, editorial, Everett Herald - October 14, 2008

>> Seattle Times editorial page recommends "No" vote on Sound Transit's Proposition 1 - September 26, 2008

>> Washington Policy Center's Guide to Sound Transit, Phase 2 - September 2008

>> John Niles' Testimony to the Puget Sound Regional Council - July 24, 2008

>>  Light rail can wait  - July 20, 2008

>> Transit Train Wreck: The Case Against More Light Rail, Doug MacDonald, commentary, Crosscut.com - June 22, 2008

>> Getting light rail to Eastside: major issues still unresolved - June 19, 2008

>> Pull over and consider this: The traffic could get even worse - March 5, 2008

>> A look at life after Proposition One's demise - December 26, 2007 

>> Roads and Transit Regional Proposition 1 Authorizing One-Half Cent New Sales Tax to Build 50 More Miles of Light Rail Is Rejected by 56 Percent of Voterss - Results of November 6, 2007 Election

>> No on Proposition 1: wrong plan, wrong tax, editorial, Seattle Times - November 1, 2007

>> The roads-and-transit plan: so much cost to do so little, Ron Sims, op-ed, Seattle Times - September 27, 2007

>> Letter to Puget Sound Regional Council about the Vision 2040 plan. - September 7, 2007

>> Federal Report Shows Initial Segment May Not Open by July 2009 Target Date - Report published May 2007

>> OCTA approves Rapid buses, David Reyes, Los Angeles Times - June 12, 2007

>> Transportation measure needs revision, Ted Van Dyk, Seattle Post-Intelligencer - June 6, 2007

>> Light-rail debt a 50-year ride, Mike Lindblom, Seattle Times - June 4, 2007

>> Results of KING-TV-sponsored poll on transportation - May 31, 2007

>> Not a good ride from Sound Transit, editorial, Seattle Times - April 19, 2007

>> Is transportation plan 'doomed to failure,' Andrew Garber & Mike Lindblom, Seattle Times - April 19, 2007

>> Sound Transit needs the benefit of a doubter, Joel Connelly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer - April 10, 2007

>>Find out more about the tolling study presented to Washington State Transportation Commission in September 2006

>> Every ride on Sounder North costs taxpayers $273.44 Cost per ride analysis and charts by Jim MacIsaac - June 2005

>> BRT in Metro Puget Sound, Donald F. Padelford, May 25, 2005

>> Seattle Times Editorial: To the Eastside, by bus, May 23, 2005

>> CETA Report Card for Sound Transit, April 2005.

>> CETA's Input to FTA on New Starts Rating and Evaluation, March 31, 2005

>> Sound Transit and its Citizen Oversight Panel, Emory Bundy, March 16, 2005

>> CETA's Call for Independent Audit of Sound Transit, September 6, 2000

>> How Sound Transit Abused the Planning Process to Promote Light Rail

>> CETA's Report to Congress - See also summary version and press release.

>> Summary of CETA's Position

>> See our proposed Consensus Package of regional alternatives to light rail

>> Please let us know if you support this mission

>> Houston's light rail making a real "dent" in city's car traffic - Averages six crashes a month Ă‘ a rate 20 times worse than the average for the nation's 17 light-rail systems. - Associated Press, August 11, 2004

>> Houston MetroRail's crash rate 25 times U.S. average Houston Chronicle, April 23, 2004

>> Metro Magazine's BRT 25 and list of international projects Metro Magazine, April 2004

>> Train drain: Why transit users should oppose light-rail expansion Cascade Policy Institue, July 2000

>> Top Ten Light Rail Myths Cascade Policy Institue, April 1998

>> Rail Transit Reduces Urban Livability - Center for the American Dream Issue Paper Summary and Full Report- February 2004

>> As MAX service opens on the city's doorstep, Vancouver considers other transportation options, including 'bus rapid transit' - The Columbian, April 25, 2004

>> Transit on fast track to nowhere - Danny Westneat, Seattle Times staff columnist, April 2, 2004

>> Problems hit stretch of Sounder rail line - Seattle PI, March 22, 2004

>> Sound Transit's bait and switch will do long-term harm - Maggie Fimia op-ed, Tacoma News-Tribune, March 18, 2004

>> Light rail elsewhere: In Delaware River Towns of South Jersey, a Light Rail, With the Emphasis on Light - New York Times, March 13, 2004

>> Supreme Court rules against Sane Transit case - March 6, 2004
CETA response to Supreme Court Decision on Sound Transit
Seattle PI Editorial Board: Court's Message Is Voters Beware
Seattle Times Editorial Board: By 6-3, Court Opens The Door To Mischief
Letters to the Editor

>> CETA's Comments on North Link SEIS - January 30, 2004

>> Jim MacIsaac's comments on North Link DEIS - January 30, 2004

>> Latest news on light rail Federal funding and the I-776 controversy - Public Interest Transportation Forum

>> Rep. Istook letter to FTA chief Dorn conditionally approving ST funding - October. 23, 2003

>> News coverage of Salt Lake City's fifth at-grade light rail accident this year. - October 10, 2003

>> With or Without I-776, Seattle Light Rail Financing is Shaky, Threatening All Parts of the Puget Sound Region - By John Niles and the CETA Technical Team, October 7, 2003

>> Op-eds for and against light rail in Seattle Times
New breed of buses better than light rail - By John Niles and Rich Harkness
Success in Tacoma proves value of light rail - By John Ladenburg, Kevin Phelps, Claudia Thomas and Dave Enslow

>> CETA Technical Team's list of problems outstanding with the Link Initial Segment Full Funding Grant Agreement between Sound Transit and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). FTA has put this agreement on an indefinite hold because of Congressional concerns about local funding if I-776 were to be upheld by the State Supreme Court. - September 16, 2003

Top Reports

>> Emory Bundy's February 2003 report on Sound Transit Testimony to the Senate Transportation Committee - February 5, 2003

>> White Paper comparing Link light rail versus Bus Rapid Transit trunk (main) line capacity - Richard Harkness, PhD, March 11, 2003

Click to view 12-Lane Myth chart.


>> The 12-Lane Myth - Jim MacIsaac debunks one of the greatest mistruths that continues to be repeated by Sound Transit supporters ... that light rail will carry as many people as I-5. In fact, I-5 today serves nearly 8 times the number of boardings that Central Link is estimated to serve by 2020. - March 13, 2003

>> Jim MacIsaac report on Central Link Costs and Funding of Extension to the U-District - March 16, 2003




Facts of the Day

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>> Transit Fact #2

>> Fact sources

>> 50 Facts About Sound Transit - From 2002 and still pertinent.

What works best for our region

We can go faster, further, sooner and safer by building on what works best for our region, such as Bus Rapid Transit, Vanpools, and High Occupancy Toll lanes.

>>Read more about better alternatives to light rail

What's wrong with
Link light rail


Light rail is not only overpriced, it won't help congestion and doesn't give us new options or capacity.

>> Read about these and other problems with Link light rail

Historical Opposition

>> Twenty-six officials ask Senator Murray to shift light rail funds to other transit projects - Oct. 31, 2002

>> Downtown Seattle Association does not support the Sound Transit light rail plan" - Letter to Ron Sims, December 5, 2002

>> Sims should pull the plug on 'lite'-rail project - Gov. Booth Gardner op-ed, November 14, 2002

>> Sound Transit does too little for the money spent - Letter to the PI by Normandy Park City Councilmember Guy S. Spencer


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