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Samples of Letters We've Sent

Letter to Tukwila Mayor

June 3, 2002

Council President Richard Simpson was quoted in Friday's Seattle Times as saying, "We don't want to be known as the city that killed it."

I wish I knew the e-mail address for him and every City Council member. It will be appreciated if you will forward this to them.

My message is simple: If Tukwila has the power and will to kill the light rail plan, Tukwila will be praised, revered and appreciated by HUGE numbers of citizens. I feel confident this would be a majority view.

ST promised many things, used half-truths, distortions and dishonest figures to persuade the public. If ST were to succeed in building what they propose it will increase congestion (as any on-grade rail system does) and fail to address our mobility problems. But what would be the worst result would be the fact that this small, ineffective rail system would consume such huge amounts of money that little would remain for truly effective remedies.

There are many modes of transportation. Fixed rail is the least flexible and most expensive. How terribly illogical to build it at all! An effective transportation system will use many modes, and will place fixed routes above or below grade. Please vote NO on this Sound Transit agreement. We will be proud of you!

Dick Fike
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