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Samples of Letters We've Sent

Letter to Tukwila City Council

June 5, 2002

You are in the wonderful position of being able to save the area from the most expensive and least efficient transportation plan ever conceived. Please vote against any support of a light rail system going through Tukwila. You will be the heros of the decade!

There is nothing to commend this plan. It is more expensive per mile than any plan conceived or proposed anywhere! It is an attempt to get something (anything!) under construction so the inept and tunnel-vision Sound Transit can then call for "completion" of their plan. For a fraction of the money to be spent on light rail (if it happens) we could have a magnificent transportation plan including buses on dedicated lanes, above grade fixed route service (likely monorail) and others.

In fact, if ST had used the money spent already on lobbying, retaining over 50 law firms, megamillions on public relations, and other areas where obfuscation was the objective, we could have had an already-visible improvement in traffic flow!

Please be bold and vote "No" on light rail.

Dick Fike
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