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Letter to Seattle P-I

Published online at http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion/77303_ltrs5.shtml

July 5, 2002

I agree that November is not the time to put a regional transportation package on the ballot -- if only because the amount of money to be requested depends on whether the statewide package passes.

However, something useful has come out of the exercise of making this decision: Light rail supporters have helped reveal how little political and popular support there is for this project.

Several members of the King County Council have insisted on more money for light rail in the regional package, so much so that they have been willing to sacrifice reaching consensus on the list of projects to include.

However, there is no law that says light rail funding can be requested only as part of a regional package. Sound Transit retains the legal authority to ask voters for more money separately.

If it's so important that Sound Transit receive more funding, why not break this impasse by putting it on the ballot as a separate item? Because light rail supporters know it would stand no chance of passing, that's why. Their only hope is to coerce a yes vote by holding other, more popular projects hostage.

It's time to abandon this wasteful project and start moving forward with transit projects -- such as monorail and bus rapid transit -- that actually add new capacity and enhance our regional transit system. Link light rail will do neither.

Bob Gale

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