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Samples of Letters We've Sent

Letter to The Seattle Times

June 11, 2002

Editor, The Times:

Four County Council members along with our Mayor Nickels are withholding support of the Statewide Transportation Referendum. The reason: not enough money in the package for Sound Transit's trolley train. They want even more billions of taxpayer's money to go into that sinkhole, light rail. Even though they admit light rail will not reduce traffic congestion.

Never mind that Sound Transit has been getting more than $250 million in tax revenue from us since 1996. That is more than a quarter billion per year. They originally agreed they would not need state funding and that they had estimated costs scrupulously.

It has turned out they underestimated costs by nearly $2 billion. They are seeking money from the Congress, who has withheld funds till they get their act together. They want an even bigger share of the State Transportation plan and the Regional plan.

Their toy train will drain billions from all our transportation needs and will exclude using less costly, more effective transportation alternatives. This madness has to stop.

Art McDonell

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