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SaneTransit.Org's Response to Seattle P-I Opinion of 26 May 02

May 28, 2002

Seattle P-I:

The Seattle P-I's recent plea for a quick resolution to Sane Transit's legal challenge to Sound Transit's authority to build its scaled-down streetcar (light-rail) line is well-taken. But that plea should not be made to Sane Transit, nor to the courts, nor to the federal government. It should be made to Sound Transit, for it has the responsibility to assure the legitimacy of its expenditures of taxpayer funds. By charging ahead with its authority in serious doubt, Sound Transit violates a public trust.

Twenty years ago WPPSS charged ahead and over $2 billion were wasted on partially built projects that never delivered any benefit. Sound Transit owes it to the public to avoid a similar fate.

Sound Transit does not have to wait for a court to rule before it does the right thing. All it need do is go to the polls and ask the people whether they want to pay for the project that it now plans to build. If the voters say yes, the lawsuit will be over and Sound Transit can proceed. If they say no, Sound Transit should forget about this streetcar (light-rail) line and come up with a project than makes more sense.

Mark Baerwaldt
Vice Chair

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