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Samples of Letters We've Sent

Letter to King County Councilmember Carolyn Edmonds

June 8, 2002

Dear Carolyn,

I wish to register my Family's position on the Transportation Planning Issues in King County.

First of all, the downtown bus tunnel is now one entity that works. We urge you to not loan, lease or sell the downtown bus tunnel to Sound Transit for "Link".

Second, Sound Transit is an economic and PR disaster. Voters deserve another opportunity to endorse or reject the whole package. Its costs have gone "over the top" and its plans have shrunk--there has to be a better way!

Third, do not include ST in the Regional three-county plan--"guilt by association" will doom the whole program.

Please be advised that we live in NW Seattle, and we vote. We would like to see some Leadership from you "away from the abyss" that we face in too much investment in Sound Transit.

Tobey Wilkins

Reply from Carolyn Edmonds

June 9, 2002

in reply to Letter to King County Councilmember Carolyn Edmonds


Thank you for your email. I apprecite hearing the viewpoints of all residents, expecially on issues of such importantance as transportation. Your opinions are shared by many I have heard from. And, I have heard from just as many residents with the oposite viewpoint. The difficulty is that "taking leadership" means the different things to different people. I will do the best I can to look at both sides of the issue and make a decision that balances the interstests of all residents.

Carolyn Edmonds

Reply to Carolyn Edmonds

June 9, 2002

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for your reply. I believe that it will take extraordinary courage on your part to resist Ron Sims' determination to build streetcar tracks. This is my reference to "Leadership"--I am certain there will be some political price you will pay if you stand up to the pressure and do the right thing--let us re-vote on the whole Sound Transit Fiasco.

It is far easier to follow; things may even turn out okay. After all, not all the Lemmings drown! But for my vote, and my money, this "Link Thing" just doesn't pencil out.

Tobey Wilkins
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