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29 March 2003 (Saturday)
Maggi Fimia
Telephone: 206-365-2382
Email: CETA@EffectiveTransportation.Org

CETA radio ads urge support for Sound Transit reform bills

Today, The Coalition for Effective Transportation Alternatives ("CETA") launched a Radio Ad urging the Washington State House of Representatives to pass the same four Sound Transit reform and accountability Bills already passed by the Washington State Senate. The CETA Radio Ad will run daily on KIRO, KVI, and KOMO next week.

The four Washington State Senate Bills are:

Senate Bill 5538:
Calls for a smaller, directly elected Sound Transit board. Elections would be non-partisan.
It passed the Senate by a wide, bipartisan margin of 40 to 9.

Senate Bill 5674:
Enforces the "sub-area equity" requirement, so that taxes collected in one part of the Sound Transit District cannot be used to pay for a project in another part. This bill passed by a margin of 31 to 18.

Senate Bill 5537:
Requires a revote on the light rail project. This bill passed by a margin of 26 to 23.

Senate Bill 5584:
Allows for an initiative to dissolve a regional transportation authority. This bill passed by a margin of 25 to 24.

You can learn more about these Bills and track them at: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/

>> Click here to address an e-mail to all House Transportation Committee members

The entire text of the CETA Radio Ad:

:60 "Accountability" (Final)
28 March 03 (Fri)

Announcer (Female Voice):

Do we need to reform Sound Transit?

Washington State Democrats and Republicans alike agree we need efficiency and accountability in all of our transportation projects.

Recently, the House Democrats (25 Mar 03 (For Reference Only)) stated "The transportation budget starts not with dollars, but with accountability. The public demands and deserves improved accountability from government, and government must be more responsive to the public."

The State Senate just did its part in a bold, bipartisan fashion by passing four Sound Transit reform and accountability Bills, including one that would require a directly elected non-partisan Sound Transit Board.

Now it is the House Transportation Committee’s turn.

Call 800-562-6000 and tell your Representatives to also pass these same Sound Transit accountability Bills. Again Call 800-562-6000 today.

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